Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wise Alien

A Wise Alien;
Visiting planet earth in hope to bring peace. 

When asked to create some sort of creature, a lot tend to make scary, hideous monsters. I guess it's a thrill to see a weird, thrilling, creature. But why not peaceful ? An Alien who has developed his deep spiritual sense. In deep concentration, ready to accept whatever the universe throws at him. Not necessarily an Alien that wants to invade earth, or discover another living organism other than his in the vast universe. Yet an Alien who learned to accept his position in the galaxy, live with his own nature, in acceptance, through meditation and deep thought. 

crazy right ?? 

I know.. that's how it is when character designing..

give your character a Function and a Purpose along with a funky, weird, crazy, and awesome look haha. 

These are the steps for this Character and Object Design Class Assignment:

sketchin out.. 

do the line work, and pick the major color scheme


Finally shadows, and highlights... 

After Finishing with this, a friend asked me to make some adjustments for his Twitter page..

and this is the Result :P :

Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Untitled" the Video Game


Video Game Story Concept

Also part of my Conceptual Storytelling class, yet this time the final project. I decided to create a video game story concept, unlike the midterm that was a comic book concept. 

I always tend to challenge my self with new approaches instead of sticking to the usual. So I decided to try and think of an interesting video game idea, although not really my thing, but why not ? 

The Class: 

For this Final project, the story needed to have some sort of fantasy involved.

Two worlds that would have a portal in-between. 

Both worlds could be out of pure fantasy, with Characters from both of them.

What Inspired Me ?

this guy..

I always liked this office assistant character, since I was a little kid. I would remember messing around with my dads computer, and I had the most fun playing around and clicking on him. Although he was pretty annoying, popping up all the time annoying you while you were trying to write a paper on word, but he still had so much character in him for some reason. 

For some reason I remembered him due to all the new hype about the new windows 8. 

I mean seriously who prefers this : 

windows 8

Over this :

windows 95

I myself, always preferred Windows up until windows XP. so with the decline of windows and the rise of mac, I decided why not make a story about a boy who re-discovers a forgotten universe. The universe of windows before Vista. 

Creating a Universe ...

original windows 95 Icons
I decided to pick windows 95, a revolutionary operating system that introduced the start button for the first time.

I decided to give this operating system the feel of a universe with it's own set of beliefs, myths, careers, needs, leaders, etc. 

All this will be explained in the slideshow I made to pitch this Idea in class. 

The pitch:  

Never run away from your past. Learn from it. We sometimes tend to escape it, but maybe we just need to look back take what's good and leave what's bad. 

I guess Microsoft needs to learn that their past was glorious, and running away from it too much will lose a lot of hearts that enjoyed little things like the office assistant. 


I must say working on this project was a lot of fun. I got to challenge myself with the pixelated style that was really troubling at first, developed a video game idea, created a story that merged two universes, and illustrated a good amount of artwork in a tight timeframe.