Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Untitled" the Video Game


Video Game Story Concept

Also part of my Conceptual Storytelling class, yet this time the final project. I decided to create a video game story concept, unlike the midterm that was a comic book concept. 

I always tend to challenge my self with new approaches instead of sticking to the usual. So I decided to try and think of an interesting video game idea, although not really my thing, but why not ? 

The Class: 

For this Final project, the story needed to have some sort of fantasy involved.

Two worlds that would have a portal in-between. 

Both worlds could be out of pure fantasy, with Characters from both of them.

What Inspired Me ?

this guy..

I always liked this office assistant character, since I was a little kid. I would remember messing around with my dads computer, and I had the most fun playing around and clicking on him. Although he was pretty annoying, popping up all the time annoying you while you were trying to write a paper on word, but he still had so much character in him for some reason. 

For some reason I remembered him due to all the new hype about the new windows 8. 

I mean seriously who prefers this : 

windows 8

Over this :

windows 95

I myself, always preferred Windows up until windows XP. so with the decline of windows and the rise of mac, I decided why not make a story about a boy who re-discovers a forgotten universe. The universe of windows before Vista. 

Creating a Universe ...

original windows 95 Icons
I decided to pick windows 95, a revolutionary operating system that introduced the start button for the first time.

I decided to give this operating system the feel of a universe with it's own set of beliefs, myths, careers, needs, leaders, etc. 

All this will be explained in the slideshow I made to pitch this Idea in class. 

The pitch:  

Never run away from your past. Learn from it. We sometimes tend to escape it, but maybe we just need to look back take what's good and leave what's bad. 

I guess Microsoft needs to learn that their past was glorious, and running away from it too much will lose a lot of hearts that enjoyed little things like the office assistant. 


I must say working on this project was a lot of fun. I got to challenge myself with the pixelated style that was really troubling at first, developed a video game idea, created a story that merged two universes, and illustrated a good amount of artwork in a tight timeframe.