Sunday, October 14, 2012

National Day Logo

Saudi National Day Logo for Boston University

If you know Boston University then you definitely know their dog Mascot. A friend of mine that studies at this university, asked me to make a logo for the Saudi National Day. his Idea was to dress the dog in Saudi clothes, or at least just the head scarf “Shomagh”, and the saudi logo or flag. He sent me a picture of the mascot, and I started. 

BU Mascot

The pose that the Mascot dog was showing, really fitted his look, if wearing a Saudi shomagh. The angle was perfect, I was able to fit him with the headscarf, like a real saudi. 

I always prefer using flash in all my work


 After Finishing up , I tried multiple ideas in which I could incorporate the Saudi logo in there.

Loved the process and loved the outcome.

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