Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wise Alien

A Wise Alien;
Visiting planet earth in hope to bring peace. 

When asked to create some sort of creature, a lot tend to make scary, hideous monsters. I guess it's a thrill to see a weird, thrilling, creature. But why not peaceful ? An Alien who has developed his deep spiritual sense. In deep concentration, ready to accept whatever the universe throws at him. Not necessarily an Alien that wants to invade earth, or discover another living organism other than his in the vast universe. Yet an Alien who learned to accept his position in the galaxy, live with his own nature, in acceptance, through meditation and deep thought. 

crazy right ?? 

I know.. that's how it is when character designing..

give your character a Function and a Purpose along with a funky, weird, crazy, and awesome look haha. 

These are the steps for this Character and Object Design Class Assignment:

sketchin out.. 

do the line work, and pick the major color scheme


Finally shadows, and highlights... 

After Finishing with this, a friend asked me to make some adjustments for his Twitter page..

and this is the Result :P :

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