Sunday, August 12, 2012

Animator in progress 101

Why not start a blog ? 

- yup that's exactly how it started..

As an Artist I found out that posting your work simply as a picture on a website, does not completely fullfill the deep artistic side of it. Yet blogging may show a side not everyone would know about. A very deep and personal side. 

That's basically how us Artists Roll...

So After going through many interesting blogs, I decided that I need to blog about my journey as an Animator from the age 18.

Actually my journey as an Animator did not start since the age of 18, it started way back when I made my first Animation at the age of 10 using Adobe Flash, or Macromedia Flash at the time. 

This journey has been an interesting one, self learning since I was 9, and now in College majoring in Animation. 

This blog will basically be about my history as an Artist. and about my current progression in the field of Animation.

Cartooning since 9

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