Sunday, August 12, 2012

Newspaper Caricatures

I must say that one of my favorite career adventures was being the caricature Artist for Al-Bilad newspaper. 

one of the first Caricatures

I always wished to be a caricature artist for a newspaper. 

and that wish came true in 2011.

Ever since I was a little kid, the number one thing I would do once holding a newspaper, was flipping it and checking out a new caricature at the back, or going through the pages just to see the caricatures then throw that newspaper away.

The most affective caricatures for me, are the ones that hide some dark humor within them, without really trying too hard. 

My favorite Saudi Caricature Artist must be "Khalid", his caricatures are at the back of Al-Watan newspaper. He is simply a genius.


Haya'a CSI

The Real Driving Test

This country is perfect

Iftar and Sahoor

Family Tourism 

No vimto

Bashar Al-Asa'ad

New Shows

Google+ vs Facebook


Days left for project

Khaliji Series

My Caricatures were a mix of both, politics related, and Culture related content. I Always liked to keep it simple and never try to force that laugh on you. 

Khalid's technique was a very big inspiration for me. White background and characters in the middle, with bright colors and a defined outline. He always made me laugh every single time I saw any of his caricatures. Therefore that was my goal in every Caricature I created for al-bilad newspaper.

I stopped making the daily Caricatures for al-bilad after leaving to the US, to start studying my major.

A lot insisted I keep doing them, but the Newspapers editor changed and I was afraid I won't have the same freedom I had before. So I went on to find a new adventure. 

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